Hi there, I'm Camilla
I am a mom, a wife and an entrepreneur to the core!
I run a digital marketing agency with two amazing women. 

Together we're a powerhouse of high vibes and we work with ambitious, established entrepreneurs to build their brand and online business. 

We are:

Mia - Strategy and sales
Maja - Copywriting and graphic design
Camilla (me) - Tech setup - websites, ads, sales funnels etc.

I've collected my favorite ressources in this one-pager: www.funnelcollective.com
My short back story
For many years, I didn't feel really free. 

Every day I spent my best hours working for someone else. 

I got up every morning, rushed my kids to kindergarten, rushed to work, rushed home - tired and exhausted, put the kids in front of the tv, made dinner, put the kids to bed, sat down and didn't leave the couch until it was time for bed. 

Rinse and repeat...  

Finally, I found the courage to quit my job, started learning new skills to build my own business so that I could have the time and freedom I missed as an employee. 

And most of all... be my own boss and chose who I work with! 

Being happy and free is not about being lucky. It's a choice!

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