These two little gentlemen are leading the way..
They are my compass in business and in life! 
My story is mainly about the transistion from employee to entrepreneur.

A couple of years ago, I quit my job to build my own business.

After 10 years of working with innovation and managing projects in the public sector, 
I’d had it with long hours, furious bosses and a stressful work environment.

As a mother of two little boys, I missed having more flexibility in my life 
and I wanted to have more time and freedom to be with my family and being present in my boys' childhood.

I chose to build an online business and I built it from scratch. I can run my business from home and the scalability was a huge plus too. 

I had great project management skills, but no marketing skills or knowledge about building an online business, placing ads, social media mangement or writing copy. 

I was getting absolutely nowhere searching on Google and Youtube, 
trying to put it all together myself. It took up too much of my time, and the knowledge that I gained was too diffuse.

So I chose to invest in myself and got the help that I needed to get started. 

I searched the web and found an amazing company with the right training, all packaged to meet my needs. This has been priceless!

It all started with a free 7-day video series that I absolutely loved. It spoke to me on so many levels! 

If you're anything like me - seeking freedom and fulfillment - I bet it'll speak to you too :) 

You can check it out by signing up, using the button to the left.

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